The Footnotes Project

by Aimee Cuevas

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The Footnotes Project started out as 22 days of writing a song every day. And now, I get to share some of them with you.

Huge thank you to those who became backers of this project through Kickstarter. Your generosity and support made this happen.

Thanks to the team who worked on the project. You all sound beautiful.

Thanks to my family and extended family who've encouraged, supported and helped me get this done, even when it seemed impossible. I love you.

Thanks to my teachers and those who've mentored me musically. I couldn't have grown in music the way I did without you.

And to my coworkers, roommates and friends: this is for you. Thank you for inspiring me to write these songs, thanks for listening to them over and over again, thanks for encouraging me to put this music out there. I love you all very much and I'm lucky to have you all in my life.


released June 30, 2013

Produced by China Fox.
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Fernanda Herrera Domene.



all rights reserved


Aimee Cuevas New York, New York

i write things. then i sing those things. i hope you like them.

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Track Name: Austin
You're an old soul
With a childlike heart
Your open eyes and lenses
See the world in works of art
You are healing
Setting right some broken bones
Trying to keep from going under
Let the feelings sink like stones

You're too young
To carry all the pain
You're too loved
To say you'll never love again
You're too young
To shoulder all the blame

You're an old soul
With a loving heart
Tired of being wounded
Patching up the same old scars
There are some things
You don't get over, just get through
Loving someone so much
All the while ignoring you

Patience pays
Or so they say
But the good you do
Will come back to you in time
It'll be alright
Track Name: Paper
I held on to words so lovely, so dear
That later were marred by hot angry tears
And so, tossed aside, I learned how to be alone

The wind picked me up in it's unashamed dance
And dried up all the words from last year's romance
And I drifted, caught between glass and stone

I have folded
Hoping these words will get back to you

While your heart's muted thunder rolls under her palm
And the waves of your breath ebb and flow
This sailboat of paper wants to stay afloat

The words might be faded but the stain of them stays
You can see the pen's tracks by the light of the flame
The fire that changed everything that I knew

These wrinkles and tears don't make me who I am
And these creases and rips are just proof I can stand
Against the storms that you put me through